Handcrafted, plant based skin care, baby care and herbal healing products. Made with natural & organic ingredients, and lots of love. Handmade in Turlock, CA. Honor your face and body & harness the power of sunkissed ingredients, with Sunkissed Botanics. Read my story here.

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A loving box of healing provisions for this sacred and tender time in a woman's life. Whether you're having your first child or your 4th, this box is full of plant based, lovingly handcrafted nourishment and healing for all that comes along with the blessing of a new child.
Blessing & nourishing not only the new baby, but the MOTHER as well, is very important during the final months of pregnancy and first few months after childbirth. This box of healing is meant to be a gift to take to a baby shower, blessing shower, when you're visiting a new mama, FOR YOURSELF, or any occasion surrounding the birth of a new child. 

** Receive $10 off when you ship or have this delivered (Turlock only) to a new mother + baby. Use code "NEWMAMA" at checkout. See details in "GIFT THIS BOX" Section.

This BOX OF HEALING includes ::

+ GENTLE BABY WASH + SHAMPOO // a gentle and calming wash for a new baby (and older babies too!) Created to cleanse whilst not being damaging to a baby's delicate skin. We don't reccommend giving newborns a bath for at least the first few days after birth (or longer). But once it's time for that first bath time, the light scents of lavender & cedarwood can help to relax you and your baby before cuddling up in bed.


+ SOFTENING LIP BALM WITH CALENDULA // pregnancy is exhausting, labor is intense, caring for a brand new babe is draining and beautiful all at the same time. All of this can take a lot out of you and leave you forgetting to care for yourself. Our softening lip balm is great to keep by your bedside or in your bag. It will keep your lips protected and aid in healing any dryness or sores that may have come up during this trying time. 


+ HEALING NIPPLE BALM // nursing your child is a beautiful and amazing job! The beginnings of breastfeeding can be full of hard times and painful nipples though. This balm is infused with powerful healing herbs, along with restorative oils and beeswax to aid in healing cracks, wounds and blisters caused by nursing or pumping. There are no essential oils and it is safe for baby. We recommend applying it after nursing, baby may not like the taste (or maybe they won't mind!) so you may want to wipe off excess before nursing again. Breastmilk is also a great natural healer, so after nursing, express a bit to leave on any tender or damaged spots. 


+ DIAPER RASH SALVE // use this salve on dryness, red spots, or minor rashes on baby's sweet little bum. Apply after cleansing and drying the area. The healing herbs in this salve work great to fight infection, soften and speed up the healing process. Can be used on other rashes or sensitive skin areas, cradle cap, baby acne, etc.


+ POSTPARTUM HERBAL BATH BLEND // full of organic and homegrown herbs from our homestead, this herbal bath blend is meant to be used soon after giving birth. Can be made into a full herbal soak, used for a sitz bath or used to make postpartum healing pads. Yarrow, plantain, comfrey and calendula are all soothing and powerful healing herbs. Helping to regenerate wounded tissue, soothe tender areas, and fight infection, your new baby can join you in this bath and reap the benefits as well! To use, you'll want to brew a strong infusion, strain, then add it to your bath water. This jar will provide one full herbal bath soak or a few sitz baths. Add 1/4 cup of epsom salts for even more healing potential. (See "TO USE" section for full instructions)


  • GENTLE BABY WASH + SHAMPOO: organic liquid castille soap, vegetable glycerin, organic aloe vera gel, distilled water, organic calendula flowers, organic ev olive oil & organic essential oils


    SOFTENING LIP BALM WITH CALENDULA: organic calendula infused oil, organic annatto seed oil, organic castor oil, beeswax (USA), organic essential oils


    HEALING NIPPLE BALM: calendula*, plantain leaf*, comfrey leaf*, ev olive oil*, ev coconut oil*, unrefined shea butter*, beeswax (*organic or sustainably homegrown)


    DIAPER RASH SALVE: echinacea root*, st. johns wort*, calendula*, plantain leaf*, burdock root*, comfrey leaf*, ev olive oil*, unrefined coconut oil*, beeswax (*organic or sustainably homegrown)


    POSTPARTUM HERBAL BATH BLEND: plantain leaf*, yarrow leaf & flower*, calendula flower*, comfrey root & leaf* (*organic or sustainably homegrow)