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This 100% natural, calming and gently scented baby wash and shampoo is something I have been making for my son since he was born, and I finally decided to share it with others! It contains 100% ORGANIC INGREDIENTS and is specially formulated to be gentle, hydrating and calming for baby's sensitive and beautiful skin. Use it as a full body wash and shampoo for babies, toddlers or yourself! The scents of lavender and cedarwood are calming and relaxing for your baby, making it perfect for baby's evening bathing routine. 

+ Be careful about not letting this get into baby's eyes, it may sting for a bit if it does - but will not damage them. 


+ SIZES :: 4 oz 


+ IN THE MIX :: organic liquid castille soap, vegetable glycerin, organic aloe vera gel, distilled water, organic calendula flowers, organic ev olive oil & organic essential oils


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  • I like to squirt a little bit into baby's warm bath water and mix it in, to create a soothing environment. Use as a shampoo and full body wash, being careful not to get it into their eyes. 
    If soap does get into baby's eyes, just rinse with water.