This delicious smelling oil was handmade by me with organic lavender flowers and organic extra virgin olive oil. Infused for months, and created with love and an intention to bring the power of flowers to your skin. 
Lavender is a well-rounded herb- containing antibacterial, anti-depressant, antispasmodic, antiseptic and many other powerful healing properties. It has calming & soothing effects on your skin and your senses

+ Use as a non-toxic "perfume"


SIZES :: 2 oz


IN THE MIX :: organic dried lavender flowers, organic ev olive oil, organic lavender essential oil


  • :: Shake before use ::
    + HEADACHES: rub small amount of oil on your temples and across the top of your forehead. Breathe deeply and relax. You can also drop a few teaspoons into a hot foot bath to soak your feet- this has been known to relieve headaches.
    + STRESS & ANXIETY & SLEEPLESSNESS: massage into your chest, third eye or any other place that will allow you to smell the scent of the oil, breathe in the aroma deeply.
    + Use as a body oil after showering over damp skin. 
    + Drop a tbsp into your hot bathwater to soften, soothe and heal skin irritations.


Handcrafted, plant based skin care, baby care and herbal healing products. Made with natural & organic ingredients, and lots of love. Handmade in Turlock, CA. Honor your face and body & harness the power of sunkissed ingredients, with Sunkissed Botanics. Read my story here.

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