Handcrafted, plant based skin care, baby care and herbal healing products. Made with natural & organic ingredients, and lots of love. Handmade in Turlock, CA. Honor your face and body & harness the power of sunkissed ingredients, with Sunkissed Botanics. Read my story here.

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For those days (or everyday) when your skin needs some extra TLC. The healing properties of this scrub include:

+ FINELY GROUND OATS help to remove dead skin and have gentle nourishing and healing properties. They can help reduce itching, redness and rashes. No SALT in this scrub means NO STINGING if you have cuts or scrapes!

+ SUGAR acts as a gentle exfoliant as well.

+ ALMOND OIL has vitamins that aid in healing your skin, and also leaves a protective layer on your skin.

+ ESSENTIAL OILS give the scrub a fresh and invigorating scent, help preserve the shelf-life of the scrub, and help remove hard to clean dirt and grime from your hands.


+ SIZES :: 8 oz


+ IN THE MIX :: organic oats, sugar, sweet almond oil, organic essential oils


  • Scoop small amount into damp hands, gently massage and scrub. Rinse and enjoy your smooth, refreshed hands! 
    Can be used as a full body scrub as well!