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Helloooo my friends!! One of my goals for SKB this new year was to start writing more blog posts...I don't like to force anything, but I do have some fun ideas rolling around in my head that I'd like to share with you sunkissed beauties! And now that the babe and I have more of a routine (most days), I feel like I can carve out some time to share some new ramblings.

So, I thought I'd share my beauty routine and some tips with you all. Now, since my business is all about creating natural beauty products, I do almost 99% use my own products - or just something I concoct in my "shop". I'll link to my products that I mainly use and also give some easy DIY ways you can create your own products at home. Some stuff is just plain simple, like COCONUT OIL...of course that's going to be mentioned here. =) Without further ado, 8 natural beauty tips from your's truly.


Not with a super harsh, chunky exfoliater (cough, St. Ives Apricot Scrub, cough)- something that will feel scrubby but not leave your skin red and scratched up! Now some people find that exfoliating is too irritable on their skin, so if that's you, then forego it and just use a gentle cleanser, like my oil cleanser. I won't get into the AMAZING BENEFITS of oil cleansing here, but check out this blog post for a great break down and how you can easily make your own with what you probably have at home. I use this cleansing method if I need an extra cleansing in a day and have already exfoliated, or if I need to remove makeup.

Back to exfoliation, it cleanses your pores, gets rid of dead, pointless skin cells and in turn leaves your skin looking and feeling smooth. I use my cleansing grains or almond honey scrub EVERYDAY, usually in the afternoon/evening when I take my shower. I wouldn't recommend scrubbing twice a day, you don't want to overdo it. I usually just rinse my face with warm water in the mornings and spray some rose water (see below). You can easily use rice flour, ground up almond meal or ground oats and mix with just enough oil, witch hazel or water to create a paste, and voila, your own face cleanser!

2. TONER //

I never used toner before I started revamping my skincare regime. It would just dry out my skin, when I already had dry skin problems. And that's because I tried toners that were mostly alcohol based. Toners are supposed to close pores and tighten your skin, before you apply your moisturizer, but they SHOULD NOT make your skin feel dry and so tight it's like you have a dried up mud mask on. For breakouts and problematic skin, witch hazel is a great toner, it has alcohol but the addition of the herb helps offset the alcohol. Rose water (hydrosol) is amazing for all skin types, I literally spray my face with it like 20 times a day, most of the time just so I can "smell the roses". Neroli hydrosol is intoxicating as well! A little more expensive than rose water, but SO worth a try. I also have created some herbal infused toners in my shop. They contain alcohol (which is a preservative) but also have strong herbal infusions of different nourishing, protecting and healing herbs, along with essential oils for different skin types.

So, all of this to say, after you cleanse, use a toner! It's the middle man between the clean and the moisturize.


Don't be fooled by the myth that putting oils or lotions on a greasy or blemished face will just make it worse....when you moisturize or apply oils to your face (non-toxic, natural products) your skin's oils (sebum) begin to balance themselves out. So instead of your skin thinking, "I'm so dry, I need to create more oil!!" and then you get the greasy T-zone; your skin will start to say "aaah, I feel so good & hydrated, I think I'll stay just like this all day." So, here's where the coconut oil comes in: after I cleanse my face, and apply toner, while it's still damp I use just a fingertips worth of coconut oil and spread that mother lovin' goodness all over! Usually I dab my face a couple minutes later, to remove any excess, then spritz a little more with some toner or a hydrosol. Always try to go for the UNREFINED coconut oil, it has all the sunkissed goodness still in it, and hasn't been through the ringer a million times.

Before bed, I use a thicker cream or serum, so it can really soak in overnight. I'm currently using my Among the Trees. Since it's winter time and my skin tends to get dryer with the heater running, this lotion's raw shea butter, avocado oil and aloe vera really keep my skin feeling and looking hydrated and bright.


I know this may be easier for some than others. Make up is fun and can really make you look a lot more put together than you feel....BUT it really isn't good for your skin! Even the best, most natural stuff is still creating a layer on your face that traps dirt, sweat, toxins in the air, etc, etc. Now makeup isn't going to kill you (as my husband always says, "has it killed anyone?"), but giving your beautiful face some breathing room every here and there is a great way to help clear up breakouts, rashes or other irritations.

I usually only wear makeup for special events, date nights (sometimes), or when I just feel like looking extra fancy. And when I do, it's usually just light powder from my gal at Cosmic Bath & Beauty, some bronzer/blush, maybe some vegan mascara and my tinted lip + cheek balm.

Once you stop wearing makeup, you start to remember (or get to know) what you REALLY LOOK LIKE! You start to feel more beautiful and comfortable in your own skin, and trust me, most people won't notice that you aren't wearing any makeup.

5. OILS //

...on your body! I know I keep bringing these up, but they are just so amazing, for so many different things. I use an herbal oil blend on my body, right after I shower (before drying), everyday. I've found that I don't really have to apply lotion all over, don't have dry, itchy skin after shaving and just smell realllyyyyy good for the rest of the day. You can use olive or almond oil, melted coconut or whatever other skin nourishing oil you have lying around. Add in a few drops of essential oils (my favorites are lavender, grapefruit, sweet orange, fennel and geranium) and you'll smell and feel like a goddess. You can also check out my body + bath oils & apothecary oils, infused with skin-soothing herbs and lots of love!


I've been using a pouf (spelling?) since I can remember and I feel like it really helps keep my skin soft. I love the way my soap lathers up on it and I love how clean and refreshed I feel after using it! This goes along with the exfoliation that I talked about earlier, but for your whole bod. Plus its great to use before shaving, since it helps open all those hair follicles.

I also highly recommend using an all natural soap or body wash. The less amount of toxins in your skincare regime, the better! We have been using handmade soap from this Etsy shop for about 2 years now and LOVE IT! It's a little pricier, but worth it for us. All the different scents are heavenly and your skin feels super soft afterwards. If you're feeling up to it, you could also try making your own soap! That's on my list of things to make someday.

**Side note: we also get our all natural laundry detergent from the same Etsy shop- love love!


Water, water, water!!! My husband loves (hates) how much I talk about the importance of drinking water...Almost every time he comes to me with an ailment, the first thing I ask is "have you been drinking enough water?" To be honest (though I may sound annoying) not enough water can have bad side effects on all different parts of your body and health. It flushes out toxins, hydrates your organs, muscles, and SKIN, relieves aches and pains, among SO MANY OTHER BENEFITS. Read this for a quick, but good list. If your pee is bright or dark yellow, then you definitely need more water! The best way to get enough water is to just always have a water bottle with you.

Secondly here, get some exercise. Walking, running, lifting weights, yoga, dancing, vacuuming or running around the yard with your kids- it's all good for your skin! It gives you that natural pink flush, gets your blood pumping to the good parts, and any sweating your doing is removing toxins from your skin.

8. SMILE //

This is the tip that will really give you that everlasting beauty! No need to really explain it...we all know those people that have that amazing, sincere, sweet smile and they just always look so beautiful because of it.

A lot of times I get the, "why aren't you smiling?", "you look mad", "you look like you wanna beat me up"....from people and I HATE it! That's (usually) not what I'm thinking. I thought I had a pleasant look about me, but I guess not always. Yikes! So I've learned to be more aware of my face and try to have a slight smile, if only in my eyes, to make sure people don't think I want to kill them AND so I look more approachable and pleasant! I believe it was Marilyn Monroe who once said, "a smile is the best makeup a girl could wear." She was very right.

MOST IMPORTANTLY, beauty CAN be just skin deep, but don't let that be you! And no matter how bad of a hair day, how many breakouts, how tired your eyes may look- if you put on a (sincere) smile and show some kindness and love- I say you're beautiful!

I hope you maybe learned a little, got inspired a little and smiled a little reading this. I'd love to read what your favorite natural beauty tips are - share in the comments below! And maybe my new goal should be to learn how to write a little less...:)

Until next time. xoxo

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