Sunkissed Livin' // Garden Update

May 25, 2018

Within the last few weeks our garden has just burst into life! We've had some beautifully warm weather (not too hot yet, thankfully) and long days of sunshine already. I went out the other evening around sunset time, and got some lovely pictures of how our garden is looking right now, and thought I'd share. 







Our tomatoes and tomatillos are getting HUGE! They already have a lot of fruit on them that I can't wait to watch grow and ripen. Our pepper plants are still small, but getting bushy, so hopefully they'll start to get taller soon! All of our herbs are big and bushy, with flowers and delicious aromas. The corn, squash and beans are loving the heat and the carrots will be ready within the next couple weeks I'm hoping. I harvested some beets the other day and made these beet muffins, the greens were great sautéed. Watermelon is starting to put on growth, cucumbers are getting bigger and flowering and my potatoes are looking bigger and bushier everyday! I love when family and friends come over and want to take a walk through the garden, it's so fun to show them all the plant life and let them smell all the flowers. 

Jude also loves being in the garden with me. He ate the small harvest of strawberries we already had and now is always on the hunt for something to "eat, eat, eat?". I always let him try whatever he wants (as long as it's edible of course). I think it's so awesome that he's learning about all the different plants, flavors, colors and feelings of the leaves and flowers. He mostly just wants to water while he's in there with me, and has already learned to stay on the walkways & not trample mama's plants. :)




I love that we have a combination of medicinal and culinary herbs, flowers, edible flowers, and vegetables in our garden. They all look so beautiful growing together and I know they are helping each other stay strong and healthy, fend off pests and attract beneficial bugs and pollinators. I LOVE going out at dinner time to pick fresh herbs to season our meat and veggies. It's becoming my little sacred space to recharge, be quiet and just enjoy the fruits of our labor.










Since we planted the whole garden over lawn, there are still a lot of places that grass continues to grow through, which is pretty annoying! But, I know that over the years the grass will die out, as we continue to put wood chips on top, and plant plants that will suffocate it out. So most of my "weeding" is just pulling up grass and not much else, which is awesome! The wood chips definitely help keep weeds at bay and keep the soil nice and moist between waterings. It is also breaking down and feeding the soil lots of wonderful nutrients!







We've already harvested all of our lettuce and our spinach has started to flower, although I'm still harvesting it for dinners and lunches - the leaves are still tasty. I don't mind letting my plants go to flower if they like, because #1 there's nothing we can do it about here since we're already getting many days that are up in the 80's, #2 it looks really pretty, and #3 the pollinators love it! Our cilantro flowered a while ago, which I'm sad about because I love cilantro, but man, it looks so lovely and bushy and so many lovely white flowers! It's also a great learning experience to see what plants look like after they have flowered. I want to experiment with saving seed, so we'll see if I can do that with the cilantro and spinach! (see photos below)











I've also started harvesting chamomile, plantain leaf, lavender and yarrow to dry and use for my products. We're slowly transitioning to all homegrown herbs for my products, instead of bulk bought ingredients. It's definitely more work this way, but it makes our products and business more sustainable, more eco-friendly and it's better on our budget! For a full list of the medicinal herbs/flower we're growing for our products, visit this page on our website. I hope you enjoyed our little garden tour. It's probably my favorite place on our homestead right now, and I love sharing it with others!


Until next time, xoxo



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