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Days are shorter, nights are chillier and life is a little more cozy. I love summer time but was definitely ready for some cold weather after the unbelievably LONG heat wave we had here this past summer! We had some rain about a month ago, and the days have still been on the warm side so the grass in our yard grew beautiful and bright green, some surprise bulbs emerged & flowers started to bloom! Then we had some frosty mornings and many of my plants got too cold and died back a bit. I'm sure the flora and fauna are just so confused with this weather!

The previous owners must have had daffodils in the past, because all of a sudden our front little shade/flower garden has a bunch of greens popping up everywhere and this little beauty bloomed last week! I love surprises, especially these kind.

Last month I took my REAL camera outside a few times to get some photos of what our homestead is looking like these days. I basically just followed Jude and the animals around and of course got tons of funny and adorable photos. I thought I'd share with you all what life has been looking like this fall.

The puppies are CRAZY!! I think we have given them too much freedom out here and they just run around destroying every plant they can get their paws on, any trash they can find and are starting to dig a lot more. On the bright side, they are still absolutely adorable, so cuddly to cuddle with and fun to run around with. We've taken them on more walks lately and they are starting to get the hang of the whole leash thing. But they'd always rather just be running around, no rules, no boundaries chewing on whatever they can- and following their grandpa Dennis (our old Chihuahua/Terrier mix who isn't too fond of them) around.

The picture above is future home of our kitchen garden! We'll be growing lots of different seasonal vegetables, flowers and herbs. Right now we have the plastic sheeting over the whole area (it's about 750 sq feet), to suffocate out the grass and weeds. We're hoping that by next March we can pull the plastic back and prepare the ground for planting! I actually just received all the seeds I ordered, in the mail. They're almost all from Baker Creek Seed Company (, I also got a few from Seed Savers Exchange. So all of our crops will be heirloom and non GMO! I can't wait to see some of these plants flourish - I chose some weird and gorgeous colored varieties (purple tomatillos, tye dye tomatoes, fancy looking pumpkins)- ah I can't wait! We'll pretty much be starting everything from seed, so it won't be an easy peasy journey, but I'm ready and up for the challenge! I'm just super excited to learn so much in my first major growing season; so much that I can't learn from a book or blog or youtube video. Hopefully I'll be able to make each new season more successful and bountiful than the last.

The girls are getting big and fat and fluffy and Mr. C, the rooster, is a proud & great protector. They started laying a little over a month ago and we have regularly been getting 4 to 6 eggs a day- not bad for winter time! The eggs are just so delicious. The yolks are much darker and richer than store bought eggs. It feels so great to eat an egg from a chicken you know is living a happy life and eating good quality food (along with green yard waste and our food scraps). We get our feed from Modesto Milling- a local livestock feed plant that makes organic & non gmo feed. Their chicken run is a composting heaven and I can't wait to shovel it all up come spring and see what it looks like down in there! We should have some freakishly good growing plants from all this rich chicken poo compost!

December has been A LOT busier than we expected, but we're hoping for life to slow down a little once the new year rolls around. We'd like to start gradually prepping everything for spring as well as just enjoy some slower days and down time. Our days are pretty full with chasing a 16 month old around, taking care of our animals, cooking meals, general house chores, and working on projects here and there, but we love it and are so happy we decided to start this little ranch together. We love the idea of creating a more simple life - even though GETTING to that point takes quite a bit of work. ha! "It's the climb"- right Miley? But really, every moment IS your life- don't waste time waiting for something to happen or for the right moment, just do what you wanna do and soak up every moment.

I'll leave you with this lovely song by JJ Cale.

Until next time. xoxo

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