The Sunkissed Exchange // May 2018

Ever since we moved into our home in early 2017, I have been dreaming about the kind of events I wanted to host here. We've had plenty of family get togethers and parties at our little homestead since then, but I knew I wanted to start doing some events for Sunkissed Botanics. Having a separate building just for my workshop and our office, as well as plenty of space for hosting lots of people, made me dream up an event full of local women makers, homemade treats, herbal infused drinks, lots of flowers and plenty of friends and family in attendance.

So, after much planning, working and communicating with others, The first Sunkissed Exchange finally happened! It was a beautiful, slightly intimate gathering of local friends and family, four other vendors, delicious treats and drinks and lots of sunkissed love. Here's some photos, mostly taken by my sister-in-law (our photographer for the day), so you can see for yourself how lovely it was! If you attended, THANK YOU SO MUCH! And if you weren't able to attend, I hope you can next time (yes, there will definitely be more like this in the future)!

The other vendors I invited to be a part of this event are all from Turlock or the surrounding towns and are all women owners & makers! Flower Leigh Farms grows beautiful seasonal flowers for bouquets, you can find her on Instagram here. Foxtails and Lace creates gorgeous wall hangings, embroideries and other fiber art- here's a link to find out more about her gorgeous goods. Belle's Bath and Body has amazing soy candles and handmade natural skin care; here's her Instagram account. And Karo's Kreations is my mama! She makes one of a kind succulent wreaths, bouquets and other handcrafted treasures. Here's her Facebook page where you can find all her available products!

Along with a $1 mimosa bar, I provided some homemade lemon chamomile cookies, local and organic fruit with some homegrown lettuce and herbs for decor; my mom made delicious lavender scones and we had ice cold infused water as well as a yummy herbal iced tea!

My sis, Kala, was in charge of giving out facials at our facial bar. Customers were able to sample my Sunkissed Botanics products, and enjoy a short but very relaxing facial! I wasn't sure if people would like the idea, but so many of the ladies who came, sat down for a facial! It was great to see them enjoying themselves so much.

This was the first time I was able to show a lot of people my new work space! It's my little happy place, and I was so excited to invite people in to shop around and see where I make my products.

I also invited all our guests to show themselves around our homestead, including my garden and our friendly and cute sheepies and chickens! Some of the guests had fun sharing their leftover fruit scraps with the animals, who gladly took it off their hands!

The afternoon ended with my hubby showing up with Jude, who gave me the biggest hug after spending the night at Abuelo's; pictures with my beautiful sisters, and of course a photo of all us lady vendors! It was such a beautiful feeling to see this dream unfold into a REAL event, full of memories that I'll forever cherish. I'm so honored to be surrounded by so many awesome women, most of whom are mothers AND entrepreneurs. To be able to create a space for women to showcase their goods is something I am passionate about. To support locally made products, natural products, homegrown products and healthy products is also something I'm very passionate about. My mind is already dreaming up ideas for the next one! Thanks again to all who participated, helped and attended. I really hope to see you around for the next one!!

Until next time. xoxo

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